New brand alert: Lelièvre Paris

Lelièvre Paris uniqueness lies both in its roots as one of the oldest luxury fabric manufacturers in Europe as well as its ability to still be relevant in always changing world of design. Brands' creative team rises to the challenge of crafting timeless designs for us to fall in love with today and cherish forever. Lelièvre Paris has a cosmopolitan character, but an undeniably French approach.

100 years of know-how, history, beauty and design

Lelièvre is now in its fourth generation as a design studio and supplier of fine fabrics. With its acquired sub-brand Tassinari & Chatel, the company can offer designs and bespoke creations inspired by archives over three hundred years old.

Original weaving looms

Lelièvre Paris remains one of the rare textile companies that have their own weaving mill. Located in the Loire near Lyon and equipped with stunning original weaving looms, the Lelièvre workshops produce exceptional fabric collections with a highly-developed sampling system.

Not swayed by fashion trends

All the creative input comes straight from Lelièvre Paris studio, led by its artistic director Ingrid Lager. Lelièvre creates designs and fabrics that speak for themselves - with bold colours, high attention to details and indisputable quality. The fabrics, wallpapers and rugs of Lelièvre Collection are never obvious but follow their own path: inspired by art, travel, history and French heritage. Even if design is simple, the final result always conveys an emotion.