New family member - Miniforms

Miniforms is a family-owned furniture producer from Italy, established back in the 70’s, known for its vast variety of unique designs, distinguished by elegant and unexpected shapes and bold, vibrant colours.

Things That Are Very Miniforms

The brand considers itself eclectic, but selective. They don't overdo things and prefer simplicity to frivolity. Colourful designs and unconventional shapes are what characterises Miniforms the most.

Making Craftsmanship Last

One of the brand’s core values is the appreciation of craftsmanship. Each collection is a result of a collective commitment. There are carpenters, glass blowers, those who shape ceramics, upholster armchairs, and recan chairs. Each of these masters inherited the know-how from their family's traditions and continues to retain it. All this reflects a deep belief in uniqueness, where hands play a significant role, and machines just assist in aligning with modern manufacturing processes.

Made in Italy

For Miniforms the sensitivity to environmental matters is a strong social responsibility. This commitment leads the brand to manufacture locally with high consideration to circular economy principles, extending from material choices to collaborating with suppliers who share similar aspirations.