Linie Design: New Brand Store in Copenhagen

After 40 years in business as one of the leading manufacturers of handmade rugs in Europe, finally having a visible presence on the urban scene seemed like the next natural step for Linie Design. This decision reinforces the brand's position amongst other noteworthy Scandinavian producers even further.

The new Brand Store is located in a beautiful historical building in the heart of Copenhagen, alongside several other classic Danish brands. The interior concept was done in a close collaboration with world-renowned Norm Architects, resulting in an inspiring space where visitors can interact with the products as they learn about the materials and traditional craftsmanship behind the designs.

In addition to the full standard range, limited-edition collections and one-off-a-kind showpieces will also be on the display. Furthermore, the lower ground floor is dedicated to professional use, offering interior designers and architects the opportunity to use creative tools that facilitate their planning and selection process when choosing and developing rugs for specific projects.