Giorgetti Spiga - The Place

In the most famous fine shopping district in the world, surrounded by high fashion boutiques, historical buildings, museums and art galleries, Giorgetti Spiga - ‘The Place’ is the quintessence of the brand’s vision of beauty.

The space covers four floors, in addition to the attic which will host the company offices, and the basement with its technical areas, to welcome visitors, opening up to the city with its shop windows on Via Spiga. At the same time, it offers a special, intimate view into the world of Giorgetti, encouraging the discovery of an elegant domestic setting, where attention to detail, uniqueness and quality are key.

Space where design meets art

It’s a location that conveys the company values at first glance, a Wunderkammer where every floor is a place to discover Giorgetti’s iconic products and new releases, with recherché finishes that define the spaces and art, sculpture and precious objects to complete each area, making it feel like a sophisticated private home.